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Live Streaming.

Our challenge is to find the simplest Live Streaming solution for everyone. Over the next few months we will be testing and reporting on the various alternatives out there, be you wanting to stream as a hobby or want to stream as a business. 

Come join the Captain on this journey and together will will find out everything you need to know about successful live streaming. We hope to encourage the Over 50s audience that everyone can successfully live stream – and maybe find them a new hobby.

Live Streaming

Why Live Stream?

The world has changed and people are using the Internet to watch more videos than any previous generation. Live streaming is a useful method for any size business and can be utilised for a range of purposes. It doesn't need to cost a lot to Live Stream either as we hope we can show you on this website. So if you are interested in Live Streaming as a hobby, or as a business, for training or educational purposes, for streaming an event, HMR can help show you the way forward. Come join us on our journey and follow our streams.

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The aim at Harvest Moon Radio is to bring you a cost effective method of taking your own Live Stream out into the waiting world. There are so many different platforms you can stream your shows on, be it a free platform such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, or a paid platform such as LiveStream, Vimeo we will investigate and report so you have the best solution that suits your budget.

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Live Stream Hardware / Software Review

There is a range of different hardware and software solutions which will allow you to Live Stream to the waiting world. What our plans are is to test some of the best live streaming hardware & software available for everyone and make a recommendation on what we feel is the best solution for newcomers to live streaming. We will create both tutorial videos and live stream sessions for our viewers to help them take the steps needed to start an exciting new adventure. We will recommend the best solutions to make sure your streams are smooth and successful.

Live Stream Software Reviews
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Live Stream Hardware Reviews
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