Hi there and thanks for viewing our Harvest Moon Radio History page. We started the station back in August 2017 and went live on the 1st September that year.

First let me give you a wee bit about the history of the 60’s pirate radio ships. Way back in the distant past of the 1960’s, music lovers had little choice of radio stations to listen to which played the increasingly popular pop or rock music. The pirate radio stations were set up by entrepreneurs and music enthusiasts to meet the growing demand for pop and rock music. This was not being catered for by the legal BBC Radio services. Sadly the Labour Party British goverment of the time didn’t like the pirate radio stations and outlawed them in 1967. Instead they setup the station BBC Radio 1 and the other BBC radio stations we have today.

The first British pirate radio station was Radio Caroline, which was launched by Irish music entrepreneur Ronan O’Rahilly, and started broadcasting from a ship off the Essex coast in 1964.

By 1967 ten pirate radio stations were broadcasting to an estimated daily audience of 10 to 15 million. However once again the British goverment failed to listen to the large public support for the pirate radio ships and passed the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act. This came into effect at Midnight on August 14th, 1967.

From that date it became an offence to operate the pirate radio ships and almost all were forced to close down. A few stations tried to carry on. Radio Caroline tried to continue to broadcast (with some sizable off-air periods between 1968–72 and 1980–83) until 1990. Radio North Sea International also broadcast for 5 years in the early 70’s from Dutch waters.

At a very young age I had an opportunity to possibly join one of the remain pirates ship Radio North Sea International back in the early 1972 but unfortunately nothing came of it. It was many years later before I began to be involved with various small community based radio stations back in 1994. Those days were great fun with spells at Radio Eastward in Peterhead, along with a successful Friday morning breakfast show at Radio North Angus where my show was selected to go out on a number of new stations on the DAB network. With the increase of Internet based radio station I then had a spell doing a very successful Pirate Show on TD1 Radio in the Borders area of Scotland.

More recently it became clear that the best way for me to recreate the magical sound of the 60’s pirate ships was to start my own radio station. So in 2017 Harvest Moon Radio came into existance. 

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Mi Amigo Pirate Radio ship
The "Mi Amigo" radio ship
Radio Scotland "Comet" radio ship
RNI's Mebo 2 ship
RNI's "Mebo 2" radio ship
The MV MP3 pirate ship
Harvest Moon Radio's "MV MP3" pirate ship